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My name is Mika and I like butts and comics
my sexuality is bucky barnes
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Imagine bucky feeling claustrophobic in avengers tower, for all that it’s bigger and more spacious than anywhere else he’s ever lived. It’s just that there’s always someone around, whether he’s in the kitchen, watching tv, even in his room he can always hear someone else puttering around. In some ways, that’s nice, it feels homey, and there’s never any expectations of him. but sometimes it gets to be too much, the constant hum of comfortable domesticity, and he can’t get used to it, can’t accept that he could be allowed to have this. 

he discovers the tower’s roof one night. It’s cold, but he’s been colder, and it doesn’t bother him, not when he’s so high up that he can hardly hear the city below. He spends half an hour or so up there every night, just being alone and getting used to what his thoughts sound like without the background noise. 

#tbt to that time I was Princess Leia.

— Anonymous: No, that was great! And yes I've read everything. It's nice to see the impact that comic characters make in people's lives. I can feel how meaningful Bucky is to you. Reading your passionate reply is more insightful than: 'IDK, I just do, lol.'

There’s definitely a trend in my favorite comic book characters as I’m just the same about Batman when asked about him. I’m glad that you took the time to ask me about him, it was really great to be able to explain why I feel the way I do about the character. 

— Anonymous: I had a bad day, too, but let's not dwell on bad experiences. For you, what attracts you to Winter Soldier, did you have any dreams about him, and did you know who he was before the movie came out? Hopefully the rest of this week treats you well, because you deserve it. ☆

I mean, I didn’t really get into comics in general until 3 years ago. My first complete read of a comic series was the Deadpool 1997-2002 series. And then Avengers, Batman, and X-men followed after that. 

I clung to Batman pretty heavily once the Nolan series had come out and couldn’t stop reading and learning about his history and his personality along with all the Robins. I got stubborn with him and basically shunned anything that wasn’t DC for a good while until finally I saw Avengers and honestly loved the Cap scenes. He’s such a kind-hearted, sweet, innocent guy and it’s really refreshing to see his innocence and true soldier heart in the heat of a battle. 

I read a few Cap comics before the movie came out and really loved Bucky from the start. The guy was a cocky little shit before he was turned into the Winter Soldier. He was the cockiest little asshole who would always brag about himself and talk about how nice his smile is and I really just loved that about him. And if you know anything about me, I also really love angst, mainly angsty backstories that cause brooding characters that have done horrible things in the past and are just looking for redemption. 

Bucky is a greatly complex character further down the line and from the 1940’s until now in comic book storylines, he has gone through so much character development. Being a cute orphaned army base mascot to Captain America’s sidekick to a ruthless Soviet Soldier and then to Captain America himself, you really have to admit that’s a huge change. 

To be honest, my affection towards the Winter Soldier isn’t just a movie based crush brought on by a cute brooding actor who did a decent job (although Sebastian Stan is amazingly attractive himself and did a pretty banging job portraying my favorite character), it’s really just an attachment to the Winter Soldier, Bucky’s, personality and want for redemption through his course of life so far. The lives he took as Winter Soldier (and there were a lot) burden him with so much guilt and when it comes to him taking over as Captain America when Steve dies, even with the approval of Nick Fury and a few choice others, Bucky doesn’t believe that he’s good enough (though I would give an arm and a leg to say that he probably paraded around in steve’s costume when they weren’t on missions). And it isn’t until Steve comes back and tells him that he deserves to be Cap that he accepts it. Bucky may not believe in himself anymore due to things that he couldn’t control and lives he didn’t know it was wrong to take at the time, but he sure as hell trusts Steve and if Steve says he’s good, then he might as well try to be.

I appreciate and admire Bucky for trying to make up for horrible things that people brainwashed him to do. For trying to right the wrongs he did when it was all he knew and all he was taught. 

Bucky Barnes is a sweet angel who just needs to be given a popsicle and a netflix account for a couple of weeks. 

"The film will reveal who the Winter Soldier is and it’s one of the best reveals in the comics of all time." [x]

— Anonymous: Names: Winter Soldier + Mika = Wika, Winta, Soka, Sika.

(or alternatively bucky + mika = mucky; bika ) 

this is the cutest thing ever okay i had the worst day at work and shipping anon is back and this really just perked me up.